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image of permanent markers

Permanent Markers

The tried and trusted N50 is our best-selling permanent marker and it’s widely used in industry and commerce. If you’re looking for something suitable for the home but still need a permanent marker try our NMS50 marker pen. There’s plenty of choice for everyone here.

image of whiteboard markers

Whiteboard Markers

Ink colours need to stand out to make presentations sharp and clear. Whatever your budget you’ll find an excellent choice of products in our dry wipe marker range, including the long-lasting ultra vivid Maxiflo family.

image of highlighters


Underline, highlight or colour code your work with our vivid highlighters suitable for office,
home or college.

image of paint markers

Paint Markers

Available in a wide range of colours these permanent markers are suitable for projects as diverse as marking on metal to decorating an egg.

image of chalk makers

Chalk Markers

These versatile semi-permanent liquid chalk markers are suitable for use on conventional slate boards (not wooden or vinyl boards) and glass. Ideal for indoor and outdoor signs and decorations.


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