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Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks

Product code: PTS

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  • People of all ages can enjoy this fun, easy way to transform natural absorbent fabrics with unique designs.
  • Apply pastels directly onto fabric
  • Cover completed design with a clean sheet of paper or cloth, and press over it with a hot iron to set the dyes.
  • Once set, the design is permanent and won't wash out. (If you're not happy with your design, don't iron it, but wash it out in cold water and start again)
  • Works best on natural, absorbent light-coloured fabrics such as cotton, line or silk.
  • Available in a pack of 7 and 15.


    N.B. Even if the dyes haven't been fixed using an iron, Pentel can't guarantee that the colours will

     be completely removed after washing.

Available in the following pack sizes:

PTS-7:   Assorted colours, pack of 7


PTS-15: Assorted colours, pack of 15

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