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All Pentel manufacturing and distribution locations have an obligation to observe and implement the following initiatives on a worldwide basis: Promoting the use of recycled materials; promoting the use of products with environmental branding; promoting the use of packaging produced with recycled material; Waste reduction and the promotion of recycling; separated collection of waste materials; recycling of plastic waste in blast furnaces; procurement of, and conversion to energy-efficient production facilities; reducing the consumption of paper, reduction of harmful effects on the environment (ozone layer, water depletion); observance of the German Der Grune Punkt mark; development of Eco Mark products through a choice of refillable and long-lasting products.


The Pentel-developed Recycology program focuses on the reduction of environmental waste through innovative product design and the use of raw materials in production. A Recycology product consists of at least 50% recycled content; excluding consumable materials and refills.


The Facts


Pentel is actively engaged in a management system to protect the environment, by using resources responsively at every stage.


  • In recent years Pentel has focused its efforts on developing refillable ballpoint and roller pens.
  • Our 'Green Label' range of markers, which contains no xylene, toluene or cellosolve, are
    low-odour, safe for humans and less harmful to the environment.
  • Our Micro Correct range of correction pens, with the distinctive blue and white packaging,
    is PVC-free and does not contain any 1.1.1 Trichloroethane.
  • Our ZT54 correction tape, the only 25-metre tape on the market- is PVC-free and manufactured with 84% recycled materials.
  • The majority of the EnerGel range is made with a minimum of 50% recycled material.


Pentel is committed to playing its part as a responsible, innovative business. We are a member of organisation such as the Australian Packaging Covenant, and the Good Environmental Choice Australia. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all Pentel products. A wide range of our products are PVC-free, and toluene/xylene free.



Our Recycology Products


Pentel is committed to developing and providing environmentally safe and useful products. Our Pentel Recycology Products are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials by weight and are designed to reduce manufacturing impact on the environment.


Our Recycology Program focuses on ways to reduce environmental waste through innovative product design and the use of raw materials involved in production. Many of our products are refillable to further lessen the environmental impact. Our ecofriendly products provide a small,
yet powerful way to ensure a safer future.



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recycology content percentage is "weight of recycled content divided by total weight of product". These products are made from a minimum of 50%.


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