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 Our wide range of ballpoint pens, gel pens and plastic/ fibre tip pens provides a huge choice of different designs. Whether you're looking for a refillable pen, a snazzy gift or a reliable everyday writing product, you'll find what you're looking for here.

image of permanent and whiteboard markers


 When it comes to markers, Pentel products offer unparalleled quality, reliability and performance.
Our extensive range provides a product for virtually every purpose; from tough, durable permanent markers for a variety of surfaces; to dry wipe markers for presentations and meetings; liquid chalk markers for everyday signs and notices, and highlighters for colour-coding; underlining or ear-marking key passages of text or figures.

image of mechanical pencils and leads

Mechanical Pencils & Leads

 Fine lead automatic pencil technology has been a Pentel speciality since the 1960s. Our wide range of products offers an exceptional choice of pencils for professional, commercial and domestic use.

 The range is complemented by Pentel refill leads, which are stronger and longer-lasting than ordinary leads. Our new AIN STEIN range is our strongest ever refill lead, with ultimate resistance to breakage and superb density of colour.

image of a correction pen


 Pentel developed the very first valve-controlled correction pen for neat, accurate cover-ups. We went one better with Micro Correct, a metal-tipped correction pen, which puts you in control of your correcting, with no mess, no waste and no fuss!

 Our latest innovation, Correct Express, dries quickly and evenly to give a smooth, flat surface for writing over; with no lumps and bumps.

 Pentel's correction range encompasses lliquid and tape products for covering pen ink; plus low-debris erasers for mistaks made in pencil. Excellent performance and long lasting value are the hallmarks of our range.

Pentel Arts

 From our beginnings Pentel has provided artists, students and craft enthusiasts with a wide variety of wonderful Pentel Arts products, made from quality materials and available in brilliant colours. Perfect fo painting, drawing, decorating or designing, let your creativity flourish with Pentel Arts.

 Our oil pastels collection offers a range of up to 48 colours, with lovely blending properties, while our water colours and water brushes can be used with other media to create beautiful effects.

 We also offer good quality colour pencils for sketching and drawing, and our pen collection includes acid-free gel ink pens, perfect for scrapbooking.

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