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Our Pens

image of ballpoint pens

Ballpoint Pens

 Our wide range of ballpoint pens provide a huge choice of different designs, from the sleek and distinctive Vicuna, to the excellent everyday Superb.

 Each ballpoint pen has its own unique style, contains oil based ink and delivers smooth, stress-free writing.

 Whether you're looking for a refillable pen, a snazzy gift or a reliable everyday writing product, you'll find what you're looking for here.

image of gel pens

Pentel's Hybrid gel is a pigment-based ink which is waterproof and rich in colour. Perfect for creative use or everyday writing, the acid-free ink flows smoothly to the last drop. There are many products to choose from within the popular Hybrid family, with nearly 20 stunnig colours.

 Now we've improved our pigment gel ink technology even further, with the addition of fade-resistant and waterproof ink; suitable for official documents (as used in our fantastic Hyper G gel roller).

With its revolutionary low viscosity liquid gel ink, the EnerGel formula is quicker drying and smoother flowing than ordinary gel ink; giving a similar sensation to liquid ink. Because the ink dries quickly, it's appreciated by right and left-handed writers alike.

 Unlike liquid ink products, though, EnerGel doesn't need a regulator to control its flow - the ink is delivered directly from the reservoir or refill to the tip in one smooth transition. That's why the family of EnerGel products gives you the ultimate writing experience!

 The majority of the EnerGel range is made from a minimum of 50% recycled material.

image of fibre-tip pens

 Pentel developed the very first fibre tipped pen - the world famous Sign Pen - over 50 years ago.
This product, along with others, helped establish our reputation for performance and innovation. Half a century on, the Sign Pen is still a firm favourite in the studio, office, college and home.

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