History of Pentel


 Since 1946, Pentel has developed new, world-class products; and has produced some of the world's favourite writing instruments. Pentel is the only writing instrument company to have been awarded the Deming Prize. Pentel Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1967, and distributes products Australia-wide, as well as to New Zealand and Oceania.


Notable Pentel products include:


  • The S520 Sign Pen; used by NASA, and still a firm favourite with designers - produced from 80% recycled plastic.
  • The Ball Pentel R50; perhaps the most famous and used writing pen in the world.
  • The P205 Automatic Pencil; the highest volume-selling pencil of its kind in the world.
  • The ZL31 Correction Pen; an innovation allowing the deletion of mistakes without the mess.
  • The Maxiflo Pump-Action range of whiteboard and permanent markers, which maintain strong colour and a steady flow of ink to the last drop.
  • The EnerGel range of pens with an amazing smooth, quick-drying liquid gel ink.


Some of these industry-leading products have been in production for over 45 years, and remain
in demand. Many new Pentel products will no doubt posses equally distinguished longevity.

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