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Hi-Polymer Eraser

Product code: ZEH / ZES

Hi Polymer Eraser logo
  • Micro capsule formula gives super-clean results
  • Less friction and effort than ordinary erasers
  • Minimal debris
  • Protective sleeve
  • 3 sizes - small, medium and large
  • Soft-type (ZES) plastic eraser has particles that tend to stick together

Available in the following sizes:

ZEH-05: Small (43 x 17.5 x 11.5mm)


ZEH-10: Medium (65 x 24.5 x 12.5mm)


ZEH-20: Large (74 x 32.5 x 13.5mm)


ZES-08: 43.4 x 24.6 x 12.4mm

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