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Hi-Polymer Ain

Product code: C253 / C255 / C257 / C259

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Hi-Polymer Ain Logo
  • AIN leads offer superior strength, yet deliver a rich black line with a smooth writing feel
  • Unique lead dispenser allows users to refill mechanical pencil without touching the leads - minimising risk of lead breakage during refill
  • Made from 83% (C255:82%) recycled material


     For more information on our leads, check out our Leads Info Sheet

Available in the following:

C253 (0.3mm)      - 2B / B / HB / H / 2H


C255 (0.5mm)      - 3B / 2B / B / HB / H / 2H / 3H


C257 (0.7mm)     - 2BO / BO / HBO / HO


C259 (0.9mm)    - 2BO / BO / HBO / H


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